Supercharge your AKT revision with our comprehensive AKT revision programme!

£14.99 per month over twelve months gives you access to absolutely everything that we have to offer!

Delivered on-demand with access to pre-recorded videos, PDF lessons, articles and questions!

Access is for twelve months, with a monthly rolling contract thereafter. This format means we are £170 cheaper than our old pricing model, and we offer significantly more!

What does my £14.99 get me?

For LESS than a Domino's pizza, we will give you…
Preparation course
Administration course
Evidence-based-medicine (statistics) course
Two realistic AKT mock exams
Pharmacology summary
Clinical revision notes with curriculum coverage (Over 300 topics and growing)
AKT question bank with curriculum coverage (Over 1500 questions and growing)
Monthly high-yield live AKT teaching
Video library of live AKT teaching
Telegram support group

Brand new clinical revision notes for the AKT exam

Our team has spent the majority of 2024 developing a brand new set of clinical revision notes for the MRCGP AKT exam!

We have extensively studied the RCGP curriculum and created a list of topics and themes that we feel represent total curriculum coverage for the AKT exam.

We have now developed over 300 clinical summaries, which will help you develop a solid foundation of clinical understanding needed for the AKT exam. We are adding to each area to ensure that we have covered all aspects of the curriculum!

Save yourself months of revision! We have taken away the pain point of note-making! The clinical notes are online articles, and they cannot be downloaded or printed.

Focus on learning and applying yourself by using our clinical notes as the perfect base for your AKT revision!


Brand new AKT question bank with curriculum coverage

Finally, there’s a question bank built purely for the RCGP Applied Knowledge Test!

We became frustrated at how many providers recycle questions from the MSRA, MRCP, MRCS, Physician associate exam, medical student exams and so on!

Our question bank is built purely around the RCGP curriculum. Although still in full development, we already have 1500 clinical questions to support your knowledge base for the AKT exam.

Our questions are split into revision questions and application questions! Each question is linked to our clinical notes, so when you’ve answered a question, we will direct you to our knowledge guides so you can continually improve any deficits that you have.


Administration course

This pre-recorded administration course was refreshed in January 2024, and it provides youwith curriculum coverage for all aspects of the AKT exam! We have split the curriculum into five easy-to-digest modules;

1. Improving quality, safety and prescribing

2. Patient administration

3. Ethics and governance

4. National regulations and frameworks

5. Practice management and leadership

By utilising our pre-recorded video lessons and our resource links, you can aim for 20/20 in the MRCGP AKT exam!


Statistics course

This course provides trainees with curriculum coverage for the MRCGP AKT exam. Poor performance in statistics is a very common theme in the exam, and we have helped trainees maximise their scores after taking this course. Our course lessons help you develop a solid statistical foundation so that you can maximise your performance in the exam!

The course is split into six modules:

1. Quantitative research

2. Qualitative research

3. Definitions and statistical concepts

4. Calculations

5. Graphical representation of data

6. Population screening

Don’t make the mistakes that trainees make from various other educators by only focusing on calculations!


Mock exams

The major issue trainees have with the MRCGP AKT is massively underestimating the challenge of the exam! The feedback we almost always receive from GP trainees is that the exam was much harder than their chosen question bank. Having now helped thousands of GP trainees with the MRCGP AKT, we have built two realistic mock exams.

The questions are not easy! But after taking our mock exams, the element of the surprise from the actual exam is taken away!

Trainees who score 70% in our mock have gone on to score more than 85% in the exam, and this is because our AKT mock exam focuses on the more difficult application elements that will be tested in the exam!

Our questions are split into;

- 280 clinical questions across all domains of the curriculum

- 40 pharmacology questions

- 40 statistic questions with unfamiliar graphs

- 40 administration questions

Sit the mock exam as many times as you like. We don’t limit you like some of the other providers!


Pharmacology summary

Pharmacology is a pivotal aspect of the MRCGP AKT exam, and it is the perfect way for you to revise across different topics across the RCGP curriculum.

Our pharmacology summary covers 225 pharmacology themes spread across various systems.

We have over a thousand learning points to help you master pharmacology!


Preparation course

This was our very first course, which was launched in June 2020. We have since updated the course based on feedback from passing GP trainees. This course is designed to teach you how to approach the exam from the very beginning. Learn the art of application and where to focus your efforts. It is the perfect course to develop your foundations before formally starting the exam. We cover the best resources to use, maximising your use of question banks and mastering the art of pharmacology!


Monthly high-yield live AKT teaching

Secure your application skills with Dr Sham
As part of our commitment to high-quality AKT education, starting in August 2024, we are bringing a live element to AKT teaching for our subscribers!
Every month, you will be invited to attend a live one-hour seminar focusing on a high-yield topic! The session will focus on scenarios to help you solidify your application skills.
Each session will be uploaded to our content library!
Our content library will be populated with our monthly sessions, which means that you can rerun the sessions as often as you like.

Frequently asked questions

How long do I get access for?

Access is fixed for a twelve-month contract. After this, we switch to a monthly rolling contract, which you can cancel with 30 days’ notice.

How do I access the courses?

Login using my account, select course profile once logged in, and then access your courses.

Can I download or print your clinical notes or content?

Our course is online-friendly only, which means that you cannot download, print or share the content. You can, however, access the content on all devices.

How do I access the live teaching sessions?

We will email the teaching date for the live session two weeks in advance. If you are unable to attend, we will upload the session for you to watch in your own time. The link to these sessions will be restricted to course users.

I am already using your AKT package. How will I get the new benefits?

If you are an existing subscriber to our previous courses or packages, you will still have unlimited access to the courses. However, there will be an additional charge to access the new question bank, clinical notes, live sessions, or any courses you have not subscribed to. Depending on your individual circumstance, we can quote you a bespoke monthly charge that can be set up using our GoCardless direct debit scheme.

Will the AKT programme or courses change?

We reserve the right to make changes to the programme at any time without prior notice.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel with 30 days’ notice before the end of your twelve-month term.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Visit your account, click on orders, select the relevant order, scroll down to select your subscription, and then select – “Give your 30-day notice.” If you have any issues, just let us know via email at


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