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Monday 27th May 2024

19:00 START

20:30 FINISH

We are running our AKT crammer webinar for the July 24 AKT

High-quality MRCGP AKT revision filled with cheats and hints!

Join the thousands of GP trainees that have already benefited from WellMedic


How does this differ from our AKT cheat study days?

Brand new AKT scenarios

Quick fire questions

Practice timing and technique

Realistic AKT questions for you!

How does the AKT crammer webinar run?

First half:

Clinical scenarios

Second half:

Statistic scenarios


What have our previous trainees thought?

The most realistic insight!

“My educational supervisor was recommended your course by his old trainee. I’m so glad he told me about your application study day. It gave my revision a well-needed boost and it was the most realistic in terms of your stats and admin questions. Thank you so much Dr Sham!”

The best-decision you'll make!

“Following on from your application study I used your three revision courses. The best decision that I’ve made, now it’s time to smash the RCA.”

Levels above the others!

“Sham… honestly mate, I’ve paid close to £250 for a single webinar and two minutes into yours, I knew it was levels above the other one. Thank you so much, really hope I can use your tips for the rest of my revision.”

A directed approach towards the exam!

“Thank you for today’s webinar, I must say I’m a little scared of the AKT now, but I’m glad I’m feeling that way now and not during the exam. Having attended today, I’m now going to be much more directed around the main resources and it’s time I took a shift away from the questions.”

Watch our trainee testimonial video here!


Study day attendees will be eligible to a special discount on our AKT courses!

If you share this MRCGP AKT study day with your peers you will enter our prize draw

One lucky trainee will receive access to our AKT mock course for FREE!

How to enter?

Step One:

Register today for free

Step Two:

Share the page with your friends

Step Three:

They sign up and enter your email as the reference


Welcome to the WellMedic. Where we talk you through a more-complex scenario where you will have to look at the application of your knowledge, but also some of the finer details covered within the guidelines.


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