Our MRCPG SCA coaching case study. How did we help our trainee improve their consulting technique and confidence?

I’d like to share a case study from a trainee we worked closely with over six weeks in this blog piece. The trainee passed the MRCGP SCA with a fantastic score in all domains. We receive many enquiries for SCA coaching and are limited in how many GP trainees we can accommodate. This blog will highlight how our MRCGP SCA coaching typically runs and will help you decide if its an approach you’d like to consider. Additionally, there is plenty of learning opportunities through the cases and action plans we share.

Preparing with your colleagues for the MRCGP SCA, is it worth your time? A hard discussion no one is willing to have!

Have you ever asked yourself the following… What’s the best way to prepare for the MRCGP SCA? If you spend any time on Telegram, Whatsapp, or Facebook groups, you will see that GP trainees are looking for colleagues to team up with for SCA practice. In this blog, I’d like to ask the difficult question of whether it’s a big waste of your time?! To answer this question, I can only rely on the experiences that I’ve had with our MRCGP SCA coaching trainees.

Dr Tilney shares her experiences of passing the MRCGP SCA exam! What do I need to do to PASS the MRCGP SCA?

In this conversation, Victoria Tilney discusses her experience preparing for and taking the SCA exam. She shares her apprehensions leading up to the exam and how she overcame them. Victoria highlights the importance of practice and feedback in improving consultation skills. She also discusses the impact of the exam on her day-to-day practice and the challenges faced in general practice. Victoria emphasizes the need for a holistic approach in general practice and the importance of listening to patients. She offers advice for trainees preparing for the exam and concludes with well wishes for her future career.

anchoring bias

Anchoring is a cognitive bias whereby an individual depends too heavily on the initial information when making decisions. An excellent example of this would be red flags symptoms referred to the hospital on a two-week basis.  It’s fair to say that there is reassurance from referring to the cancer fast track clinics. However, one of the things that I’ve realised is that when a specific cancer is excluded, the patient is often referred back to primary care. Is that enough to say that the patient could not have cancer at an alternative site? Similarly, a patient has an acute issue and has an ED or speciality assessment. Is it enough for me to say that it’s been adequately excluded?

mrcgp rca mistakes

In this blog, I’m going to give you a true insight into my RCA preparation. In this MRCGP RCA blog, I will focus on five mistakes I made during my submission and how you can avoid making them! This blog is purely my perspective on the MRCGP RCA. I have found that there isn’t a right or wrong way to prepare for the exam, but I hope this blog will stimulate some conversation with your educational supervisor.


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