FAQFrequently Asked Questions

Here are a number of questions asked by our current trainees. We will continually add to this section.

Can I access the courses when I want?

The courses are all pre-recorded, so you can access them at your own convenience. We are continually reviewing the content and adding courses!

How long does my access last for?

You will be given access to each course for 90 days. If you are sitting your exam in 6 months or 1 years time and you’re super-keen to get started we will extend your access on the provision that you are able to provide proof of your current GP trainee status and exam date.

To extend your service email sham.wellmedic@gmail.com

How does your course help me?

Our tested AKT strategy encourages you to focus on lateral thinking and application and this can only be achieved by working through the recommended points of the courses.

Our courses have been running since June 2020 and we have secured extremely high AKT pass results!

Visit our Instagram page (WellMedicSham) and read our testimonials!

Can I share your content with others?

The content of our course is restricted to those who have signed up to our course. Sharing our material without prior consent is illegal and will also count as a probity issue.

Sharing our content without our permission will be taken extremely seriously and we will not hesitate to report this as a probity issue.

I would Like a refund for your course?

If you have accessed the course or had access to our templates, refunds will not be offered.

If you have signed up in error and decide that the course is no longer for you, we can then offer a full refund within 48 hours.

Get in touch with our team if you have a query


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