FREE AKT QUESTIONS – Taken from our AKT mock course!

Free AKT questions for you! Our questions have been taken from our AKT mock course. There is a mix of stats, admin and clinical questions.

Hello, and welcome to another episode of your AKT podcast.

Answer FREE AKT questions in this podcast episode.

It’s been a little while since we last did a clinical AKT podcast, and this episode will be a little different, as rather than covering a single topic, we will present a number of free akt questions within a single episode.

All of the free akt questions have been taken from our newly updated mock AKT course, which as of January 2023, has 400 AKT questions. Of those, there are 40 admin questions and 40 stats questions… all of which are realistic of the AKT.

The mock course is quite unique, as it offers well video explanations in a similar format to this podcast, and I have used the audio directly from those videos. We show you where to find the answers so that you can apply these techniques to your AKT preparation.

If you’ve liked this podcast, you’ll love our mock course! Sit back and enjoy the next 10 free akt questions, which have been taken from the updated mock course.

Just as a reference for all of our episodes, medical guidelines are continuously changing, so do keep yourself updated with guidelines before implementing any learning points into your practice as a doctor.


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