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Ever wondered…
What’s the point of the GP trainee portfolio?

The FourteenFish GP trainee portfolio forms one-third of your MRCGP. Unlike the AKT and SCA, it’s a continuous three-year (pro-rata) assessment set to evaluate your progress in areas of professional practice which are best tested in the workplace.

Although exams are essential, they don’t provide evidence for learning and reflection based on real experiences.

Use the FourteenFish GP trainee portfolio to showcase your real-life experiences and progress. If you’re new to the GP trainee portfolio, click here to read our introductory blog, which summarises the purpose and key components of the FourteenFish portfolio.

We’ve worked with thousands of GP trainees, and here are some of the common challenges

GP trainees often chase the perfect case for their GP trainee portfolio.
You may spend hours writing a reflection that could easily be summarised into five minutes.
Storytelling is an ineffective tool for reflection.
Many trainees are apprehensive about reflecting on their challenges or knowledge gaps.
Early in your training, you will likely justify your curriculum capabilities poorly, leading to additional FourteenFish portfolio entries!
You may struggle to prepare for your ESR in advance and then have to re-justify your curriculum links before the ESR!
Mandatory training never leaves you, don’t forget to keep up to date with the ever-changing landscape of GP education.
Take your ARCP seriously, as the panel is instrumental in judging your training progression.
In our experience, the major challenge comes from the ineffective use of learning logs, poor curriculum justification and duplicated ESR workload.
Our GP trainee support package focuses on improving your efficiency and navigating these issues!

If you’d like to know more about the common challenges facing GP trainees, you can read our
“Common FourteenFish portfolio challenges encountered by GP trainees” blog here.


How will this package support me as a GP trainee?

Our support package provides a framework to tackle the most challenging aspects of the GP trainee portfolio and is split into eight key components.


Learning logs - understand the basics


Curriculum capability links - learn how to link efficiently


Learn to reflect effectively


Case review video example


Seventy-eight clinical case review examples with curriculum-linking examples


Reflection examples


PDP examples


Self-rating video example

If you’d like to know more about our support package content, you can read our blog here, which covers the content in greater detail with examples from the portfolio support package.

How is this support package delivered?

Our FourteenFish GP trainee support package is delivered across twenty-one lessons.
Early in your training, you will likely justify your curriculum capabilities poorly, leading to additional FourteenFish portfolio entries!
Lessons are split across pre-recorded videos and view-only PDFs, which can be accessed across all devices.
Our support is flexible. Access our lessons as often as you like!
If you’re struggling for inspiration, use our example clinical case reviews to help you master the GP trainee portfolio.
Our examples are split across primary and secondary-care placements.
Our examples are relevant to all stages of GP training. You will benefit as an ST1, ST2 or ST3 as your needs from our portfolio support package will differ based on your training stage.

If you'd like to know more about how our support package works, check out this video.


How much will this support package cost?

Our support package is FREE, sign up today and treat yourself to a coffee!

Signing up for our course will give you free access to our restricted portfolio content.

This is a limited-time offer, so take advantage of it today before it is too late.

Sign up today and take advantage of this mega deal!

Additional benefits of signing up for our GP trainee support package!

Member discounts on our AKT course packages
Email-based support from our team
Additional content at no additional cost
Member-based events on an invite-only basis

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to subscribe for?

Our GP trainee support package is free, so there is no minimum subscription period.  If we change our subscription model, you will be informed via email and you can choose to unsubscribe to the course before any change is made.

Will this package remain free forever?

We will review the effectiveness of our free model regularly. If we find that the course is reaching new trainees and providing benefit we will continue to run this model for as long as possible.

Is there a WellMedic subscription plan that includes your AKT courses?

We plan to introduce our courses into the subscription plans in 2024; however, as of now, you will be eligible for a members-only discount on all AKT course packages only.

Will I benefit from your support package as an ST3?

Our FourteenFish GP trainee portfolio support package has been built to support trainees in all stages of their training. Our clinical case review examples include primary and secondary care examples. However, all examples are directly linked to detailed descriptors from the RCGP curriculum. Subsequently, you can adapt the secondary-care justifications to primary-care placements.

How long will completing the FourteenFish GP trainee portfolio support package take me?

The support package is built to be flexible, so there is no need to complete all lessons in one go.

You should use the course in tandem with your personal portfolio requirements, and each lesson will explain how to utilise each section.

If you can set aside four hours initially, this will provide you with an opportunity to familiarise yourself with all aspects of the FourteenFish GP trainee support package.

Will you release new content?

We already have an expansive FourteenFish GP trainee support package, but we will revisit additional content based on the requirements of our GP trainees. If you feel a fundamental area is missing from within the course, please email, and we will consider adding this to our development plan.

I would like additional support, and the course is not helping me achieve this goal. What should I do?

If you feel something is missing from the support package, please email Our team will review all requests and update you via email.

If we find an area repeatedly flagged, we will complete this and upload it to the support package.

Does the course contain recorded content from the FourteenFish GP trainee portfolio?

We are an independent education provider without affiliation to the FourteenFish GP trainee platform. Therefore our content has been created based on the freely available RCGP content on the Workplace Based Assessment (WPBA).

Our team have used the GP trainee portfolio for our MRCGP, so we are particularly familiar with the GP trainee portfolio and how it works.

Do you have experience in passing the GP trainee portfolio?

Our team is made up of GPs that have achieved their MRCGP UK. We have all passed the MRCGP GP trainee portfolio component and used the FourteenFish GP trainee portfolio to achieve this.


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Welcome to the WellMedic. Where we talk you through a more-complex scenario where you will have to look at the application of your knowledge, but also some of the finer details covered within the guidelines.


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