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How will this GP training newsletter support me?

Our GP training newsletter is dedicated to clinical education for ST1 to ST3 GP trainees.

Our team at WellMedic decide on a fortnightly clinical theme.

Each theme is divided into three key components;

1. Applied Knowledge Test

How is this theme relevant to your AKT preparation?

2. Simulated Consultation Assessment

Apply this theme to your case preparation.

3. FourteenFish portfolio

Use this clinical theme to submit a case review or assessment.

How is our GP training newsletter delivered?

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Our team of experienced GPs produces our newsletter, which is heavily geared towards the needs of future GPs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get access to your old GP training newsletters?

All subscribers will receive the most up-to-date version of the newsletter. Previous newsletters will be unavailable for new registrations. We will, however, aim to build an archive of old newsletters soon and introduce this to our community.

Are you able to publish more newsletters?

We aim to produce a high-quality newsletter that is entirely relevant to primary care. To do so, we have limited ourselves to a fortnightly newsletter. If we are able to grow this community of trainees, we will endeavour to produce bi or tri-weekly newsletters!

How closely are the GP training newsletter and AKT courses aligned?

Our strategy at WellMedic is to build knowledge directly from primary guidance. We demonstrate this approach in all of our courses, most notably during our mock course, as each question is followed by a video description explaining each answer and how we developed the question from primary guidance.

Will I benefit from the GP training newsletter as a GPST1?

As a GPST1, our GP training newsletter is a great introduction to the nuances of primary care and how we utilise primary guidelines. As you become more experienced, you will build the skill of jumping between guidelines and tailoring the care you provide. 

Appreciating uncertainty and ambiguity is central to primary care. This is tested within the AKT, and by using our newsletter early, you will have a jump start on your AKT preparation.

Will I benefit from the GP training newsletter as a GPST2?

We strongly encourage all GPST2 trainees to consider taking the MRCGP AKT during your ST2 year. One-third of our newsletter will be dedicated to the AKT exam and how you can apply our fortnightly theme to your revision.

Additionally, you will continue to benefit from our portfolio-based support as well as familiarising yourself with the upcoming SCA exam during your ST3.

Will I benefit from the GP training newsletter as a GPST3?

Our answers to the GPST1 and GPST2 questions remain relevant here. At this stage of your training, it depends on how close you are to completing training. All trainees at GPST3 should be thinking about the SCA early into their training year. One-third of our newsletter is dedicated to the SCA.

Additionally, some trainees will have the AKT outstanding, and all trainees will meet their curriculum capabilities in a primary care placement. Our newsletter will support all aspects of your GPST3 training year.


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Welcome to the WellMedic. Where we talk you through a more-complex scenario where you will have to look at the application of your knowledge, but also some of the finer details covered within the guidelines.


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