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Starting work as a locum GP gives you career flexibility, which isn’t available
in other GP careers.

Earn a solid six-figure salary whilst working part-time.

The need for GP locums will never end, and this is your opportunity to master
locum work from the onset.

Become your own boss, set your own rates and choose your own days to work.

We’re saying,

“You’re ready to be a locum GP.”


Lots of GP locums struggle to find regular and fulfilling work.

Although locum GPs are pivotal in healthcare delivery,
we are often considered an unavoidable yet expensive

With rising demand and tight budgets, allied healthcare
professionals are widely used. Is this reducing the need
for GP locums?

Increased demand for GP locum work has led to an
influx of new GP locum agencies.

How much of your money are you keeping?

We are here to take control!


To teach first-five GPs how to maximise their locum workload and
earning potential.

We give you the tools to transform your bank account, your
connections, and your future.


Almost everyone will want you to go straight into a salaried GP role.

There’s quite a clear path for GPs who choose to take on a salaried GP role.

Whereas GP locums hear the following...

“Don’t you want to take on a fellowship?”

“Don’t you worry about the uncertainty?”

“What’s your longer-term plan?”

“Don’t you want guaranteed work?”

Here’s why no one teaches you how to become a GP locum…

Your training practice will want to retain you as a cost-effective salaried GP.

The RCGP wants to improve the retention of salaried GPs and prospective GP partners.

Other GP locums may consider you a competitor to their regular locum work.

Locum agencies want to retain you for their workstream only. Which may limit your opportunities as a locum GP.


Join our masterclass and let us teach you how to:

Make more money — consistently — every single month.
Build a portfolio within your locum career.
Create your own network of paying practices.
Learn how to utilise locum agencies best.
Sole trader, long-term contracts, IR35 explained.
Secure regular locum work.
Create a sustainable locum career.
Enjoy a balanced career and explore other interests.
Understand the fundamentals of being self-employed.
GP locums and the NHS pension.


When you join our GP locum masterclass, what
exactly do you get?

Everything you need to start and prosper as a GP locum.
Become the best GP locum you are destined to be.

Locum-boosting education

Resources, interactive workbooks and on-demand coaching calls.

Strategy hour

An initial strategy call to recognise your personal needs as a GP locum.

Setting the foundation: the workbook

Inspired by our experience, this workbook gives you actionable steps to set yourself up as an early-stage GP locum.

Personal growth

Build your own client list. Understand how much to charge. Build your workflow. Seek out individual opportunities. Build your portfolio. Track your earnings. Building contracts. Securing bookings. Invoicing and simple accounting.

Coaching calls

Monthly calls to ensure you are meeting your targets.

Is a six-figure salary possible?

Six figures can be easily achieved as a GP locum.

Locum earnings can fluctuate, and careful planning will help you predict your peak earnings.

Is the masterclass right for you?

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably an excellent fit for our GP locum masterclass. But just to ensure, check and see that you match the following criteria.

You’re an ambitious, driven person who wants a flexible GP locum career.
You’re a first-five or soon-to-qualify GP.
You’re a seasoned GP looking to switch to locum work.
You’re coachable and ready to commit to personal and financial growth.
You’re either new to locuming or yet to start locuming.


“Why is there so little support
for GP locums?”

As a newly-qualified GP, there was no actionable content for me to start as
a locum GP. The first two years have been difficult, and I’ve made plenty of
mistakes. You don’t have to.

Locum work has been an essential aspect of my portfolio career. It’s allowed
me the flexibility to build strong relationships, explore multiple roles and build
a career reflective of my strengths.

Here’s what I’ve achieved
in the last two years:

✔ Negotiated three longer-term GP locum contracts.

✔ Built a network of local GP practices.

✔ Sourced locum work with and without agencies.

✔ Built a strong presence of out-of-hours work.

✔ Joined newly formed federation-led schemes for the delivery of acute projects.

✔ Worked in overflow clinics within the ED.

✔ Built lasting relationships with patients and practices.

✔ Explored private GP healthcare roles.

✔ Joined a leading provider of remote healthcare.

✔ Continued to support thousands of GP trainees with their MRCGP preparation.

✔ Networked with GPs on a local and national level.

First-five GP work shouldn’t be limited to
fellowships, salaried roles and continuity.
You can prosper as a new GP locum.

You need a plan tailored to your needs,
and we can help you build it!


The masterclass doors are currently closed.

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Masterclass Membership

- Strategy call
- Our foundation workbook
- Understanding IR35 and limited companies
- Building your list
- Your price point
- Finding new opportunities
- Track your earnings
- Example contracts
- Invoicing practices
- Simple accounts
- Ready for self-assessments
- How to budget for self-employment
- Monthly coaching calls

Is this a tax-deductible business expense?

As per HMRC…

“You can claim allowable business expenses for training that helps you improve the skills and knowledge you use in your business (for example, refresher courses).

The training courses must be related to your business.”

That’s the cost of this masterclass potentially removed from your taxable profit!

Double-check with your accountant!

This is going to cost you 2% (or less!) of your potential annual earnings!

Our next cohort is limited to 100 GPs

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