Supporting GP trainees with their MRCGP AKT preparation through our flexible
and pre-recorded AKT courses and personalised coaching programme!

The MRCGP AKT Course and
One-to-One coaching bundle


How do our AKT courses and coaching bundle support GP trainees with their MRCGP AKT preparation?

We have specialised in AKT education since 2020. Our programme has been developed through the experience of our founder Dr Sham Mahmood, and further enhanced by the experiences of thousands of GP trainees since our inception.

Our courses are built to provide GP trainees with the best tools and resources to pass the MRCGP AKT in their first sitting. We directly tackle the misinformation surrounding the MRCGP AKT and provide our trainees with high-quality education to help them succeed as future GPs.

Our courses cover preparation, the best approaches, revision resources, realistic AKT questions, as well as curriculum coverage for administration and statistics.

The courses are coupled with our personalised one-to-one MRCGP AKT coaching bundle. The coaching provides you with one-to-one sessions with our most experienced AKT educator, Dr Sham Mahmood. Our sessions are tailored to help you with the most difficult aspects of the MRCGP AKT.

Why is there a need for a personalised AKT
one-to-one coaching programme?

Through our experience of helping GP trainees with their MRCGP AKT preparation, we know
that many trainees need one-to-one support that is not offered through traditional routes

Here's how coaching may challenge you…



Recognise the mistakes you make when answering realistic AKT questions


Cover guidelines with an experienced GP educator


Recognise the trends in topics that may be holding you back during the exam


Remove the biases that you are likely to develop when using traditional question banks

Our coaching is for you if you want to be
challenged during your MRCGP AKT preparation


How will the MRCGP AKT courses support my preparation?

We currently offer four courses which are included within our AKT coaching package

The MRCGP AKT preparation course - Everything you need to know about approaching and preparing for the exam (this includes our BNF summary)

The complete MRCGP AKT admin course - Full curriculum coverage for the administration section of the MRCGP AKT exam

The complete MRCGP AKT evidence-based medicine course - Full curriculum coverage for the statistics section of the MRCGP AKT exam

The best MRCGP AKT mock course - Two mock exams filled with realistic and incredibly challenging questions! Our trainees feel these are the closest question to actual exam

If you'd like to know more about each individual course, you can learn about them by visiting each individual course page in our menu

How is the MRCGP AKT personalised
one-to-one coaching delivered?

Our one-to-one coaching consists of five one-hour coaching sessions

Each session is personalised to your individualised needs as a GP trainee.

Clinical guidance, Statistics, Administration, Pharmacology, Antimicrobials and Exam technique.

If you use our coaching programme, you will receive unlimited
access to all of our MRCGP AKT courses until you PASS the MRCGP AKT.

Here is an example of how our one-to-one coaching sessions work…

(We have used a recent case study to demonstrate this plan,
but it will be tailored to your individualised needs)


Baseline assessment

Dr Sham will work through a series of difficult AKT questions
with you. The focus is split across the answers but also how
you process the information within the questions.

We will then provide you with a personalised action plan for your AKT revision.


Session Two

One-hour session with our AKT educator.

Focus: Clinical guidance.

Tested trainees understanding of common guidelines, e.g. hypertension, type 2 diabetes etc.

Feedback provided on how the trainee can improve the way they utilise primary guidelines.

Session Three

One-hour session with our AKT educator.

Focus: Statistics.

Trainee recognised that they were struggling with study design.

Qualitative and Quantitative study designs covered using questions as a base for each study design.

Session Four

One-hour session with our AKT educator.

Focus: Administration.

From the baseline assessment it was noted that the trainee struggled with employment and sickness related issues.

Employment benefits covered and employment issues related to the GP as an employer covered with AKT questions and theory.

Session Five

One-hour session with our AKT educator.

Focus: Exam technique.

For the final session we covered and prepared for our exam technique.

We answered 50 questions together, focusing on the trainees understanding of each question. Simple mistakes highlighted during this process.


Our MRCGP SCA one-to-one coaching
programme is limited per AKT sitting.

We have pre-set coaching dates and we will propose a coaching plan to you before you commit.


We deliver the programme
in small cohorts.

You will receive access to the AKT courses immediately.

You will receive five dates depending on your AKT sitting.

We have pre-scheduled dates per cohort, and we will introduce them to you before you confirm your coaching booking.

If you'd like to know more about how Dr Sham has helped GP trainees, check out this video.


Dr Sham Mahmood

Sham is the founder of WellMedic and has been leading the way with flexible online education for GP trainees since 2020. Sham has helped thousands of GP trainees pass their MRCGP.

How much will this
coaching package cost?


Discounts are available to the following groups;

- Existing WellMedic AKT course users.
- Webinar exclusive discount attendees.

Our payment terms are flexible (see below)

If you’d like a personalised quote based on these areas, send us an email at

Our payment terms are flexible

There is a £20 refundable deposit to secure your space after you complete your registration form. (This is to ensure that your enquiry is genuine)

Your application will be reviewed by our admin team, and we will contact you with details of our proposed cohort and dates available for coaching. Alongside our terms and conditions for coaching.

Once you receive this, if you are happy, you can confirm your space by agreeing on a flexible payment plan with the WellMedic team.

You can pay everything upfront or split the payment over a maximum of 12 months.

We can adjust the payment plan to your needs using our direct debit agreement.

We will not allow for payments to be split over 12 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to commit to the coaching programme?

You must commit to five hours in total, spread across five days. We will update you with our proposed coaching days before you commit to our programme.

Is the deposit refundable?
The deposit is secure and refundable under the following circumstances;
– You are not happy with the proposed coaching dates.
– You are not happy with our terms and conditions (this will be sent before you confirm your coaching space).
– There are no spaces remaining for your chosen sitting.
If a refund is needed, please email, and we will refund this to the card used for the payment.
How long do I get access to the AKT courses?

You get access until you pass the AKT. The courses run for six months; then, we can manually extend if needed. To extend your course, email

Are the AKT courses pre-recorded?

The course is pre-recorded and available at all times. There is no specified time commitment needed for you to take this course.

How are the AKT courses delivered?

The course is delivered across video and PDF lessons. The course is extensive and has over twenty hours of video content.

Do you offer two-hour sessions?

You may opt for two-hour sessions if the timing allows it. This will be taken from the five hour allowance.


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