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MRCGP AKT revision

A secure online space for you and your colleagues.

Why should I join your FREE MRCGP AKT workspace?

Weekly pharmacology revision support

Regular hints for the exam

Interesting GP clinical resources


Collaborate with your colleagues

Widen your access to trainees from across the U.K

How does it work?

Sign up for FREE using our registration

You MUST respond to our email with a minimum of two other GP trainees.

A maximum of five GP trainees can be added within one workspace

Once we have validated your registration form you will receive access to your private group

All GP trainees will also have access to our U.K wide community workspace


Why do I need a group of GP trainees to join?

Our workspaces will encourage collaborative working for the MRCGP AKT

The majority of your revision will occur in isolation, so this is a chance to learn from others

In order to activate all of the MRCGP AKT workspace benefits you ONLY need TWO
other GP trainees to join you!


What’s the catch?

There’s no catch. The workspace is FREE and it’ll remain FREE

If you have any issues with the registration form, leave me your email in the live chat.


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