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Choose from Saturday 17th or Sunday 18th September 2022

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We are running our popular online MRCGP RCA study event for FREE

Two hours of high-quality MRCGP RCA teaching filled with preparation cheats and hints!

Join the thousands of GP trainees that have already benefited from WellMedic

What will be covered?

Point One

The sacred RCA criteria

Point Two

To Script or Not to Script - That is the question!

Point Three

Build the best patient list for the RCA

Point Four

The reviewing process

Point Five

Finding the PERFECT RCA case

Point Six

A trainees perspective on passing the MRCGP RCA


As the MRCGP RCA was announced, the existing GP trainers repackaged their CSA courses as RCA courses without any real effort in understanding what it takes to PASS the RCA.

Our two founders passed the MRCGP RCA within the last 12 months!

“I rushed my RCA and barely had enough cases to submit. The majority of my cases came within the last few weeks before submission. I figured out some simple tricks, which helped me maximise my patient list. Join us, and I’ll share them with you for FREE!”

Dr Sham Mahmood MRCGP

Our two founders passed the MRCGP RCA within the last 12 months!

“Preparing for the MRCGP RCA is time-consuming. You have to listen back to your consultations, and it’s also challenging to reflect on what’s gone well. You have to see your preparation for the MRCGP RCA as a process, build in small steps, and towards the end of your submission, things should really click! We will share this process with you.”

Dr Asia Ali MRCGP


Special WellMedic course offers will be offered to attendees only

If you share this MRCGP RCA study event with your peers, you will enter our prize draw to win access to our RCA preparation tools.

Cheat sheets, Templates, Cribsheets and much more!

How to enter?

Step One:

Register today for free

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Share the page with your friends

Step Three:

They sign up and enter your email as the reference


Welcome to the WellMedic. Where we talk you through a more-complex scenario where you will have to look at the application of your knowledge, but also some of the finer details covered within the guidelines.


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