Supporting GP trainees with their MRCGP SCA preparation through
our flexible and pre-recorded SCA preparation course and coaching!

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How does WellMedic support GP trainees with their MRCGP SCA preparation?

The MRCGP SCA is your final hurdle before qualifying as an independent GP, and for many, it’s a daunting experience.

We appreciate that you are an experienced doctor, and you do not need to be spoonfed and retaught how to consult patients, we do not provide formulaic “copy-cat” sentences and phrases that could be easily detected from experienced examiners! Our course aims to fine-tune your already fantastic skills!

We offer two products to help GP trainees with their SCA preparation! If you’re interested in our MRCGP SCA preparation online course, this is the right page for you.

You can use our SCA course with our SCA one-to-one personalised coaching programme.

We’ve helped hundreds of GP trainees with their communication skills, and here are some of the common challenges encountered by trainees…

Trainees are overly scripted for the exam.
There is a formulaic approach to presenting complaints.
Trainees overrun in the first half of the consultation.
The use of ICE is unnatural.
We fail to contextualise the consultation for individual patients.
We fall back to our pre-set hospital method of consulting.
There is often little time to discuss shared management.
We lecture the patient and fail to involve them.
Offering options becomes a tickbox exercise.
We don’t utilise information that we have or information that we’ve gained.

There is so much to discuss,
and we can’t do this justice in a single list!

We have some good news

Our MRCGP SCA preparation course is built to help navigate commonly made
mistakes from GP trainees when preparing and sitting a consultation-based exam!


How will the SCA preparation
course support me as a GP trainee?

The course is built on four key stages.

1. Internal phase - learn about how you consult.

2. Foundation phase - learn about our consultation boosters to supplement your skills.

3. Execution phase - use our consultation boosters in your consultation practice.

4. Reflection phase - reassess and re-review the impact of your changes.

To ensure you can follow each step, we have a range of core features that you can expect from our SCA preparation course! The content is continually growing, so you will continue to benefit for as long as you are signed up!


The theory of consulting for the MRCGP SCA.


Fine-tune your existing consultation skills.


Fourteen consultation boosters.


Examples of good and below-par consulting from our existing GP trainees.


The ability to recognise and respond to niche scenarios in the exam.


Build bespoke management plans that are flexible to the patients presenting complaints.


Learn the art of self-appraising your own consultations before and after the introduction of
consultation boosters.


Demonstrations of good and bad domain coverage.


Case examples with pre-recorded examples featuring experienced actors.


Practice cases with candidate instructions, patient instructions and mark schemes.


Summary infographics for management options.


Pre-recorded and flexible content.


How is this MRCGP SCA
preparation course delivered?

We use pre-recorded video lessons. Our management options,
rating grids, cribsheets and case bank are available in PDF format!

1. We have a growing SCA case bank of 20 cases - split into candidate instructions,
patient instructions and pointers for domain coverage and success!

2. Our case bank is growing month on month!

3. The cases are purposefully challenging with compounding features!

4. Video examples from UK-based GP trainees consulting with professional actors.

5. Video examples are accompanied by trainee feedback!

6. Video examples from our GP trainers!


8. Our coaching package includes 4 x one-hour, one-to-one coaching sessions and much more!

If you'd like to know more about how our MRCGP
SCA course and coaching works - watch these videos!


How much will this course cost?

£299.99 one-off payment for
unlimited access until you pass

Todays course price is £199.99

Use discount code - scadiscount100

If you'd like to sign up for SCA coaching (which includes the course)

Regular price - £899.99

You can sign up for £799.99

Visit the coaching page, follow the instructions and email quoting the discount code - scadiscount100

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I get access for?

You get access until you pass the SCA. The courses run for six months; then, we can manually extend if needed. To extend your course, email

Is the course pre-recorded?

The course is pre-recorded and available at all times. There is no specified time commitment needed for you to take this course.

How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered across video and PDF lessons. The course is extensive and has over ten hours of video content.

Do you run a mock exam?

We do not run a mock exam, but you can sign up for our one-to-one coaching package, which includes six cases with a professional actor.


Welcome to the WellMedic. Where we talk you through a more-complex scenario where you will have to look at the application of your knowledge, but also some of the finer details covered within the guidelines.


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