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AKT AdviceLet me share some akt secrets with you!

We help GP trainees pass the AKT!

The AKT is an exam set by the RCGP as part of of the MRCGP. The key part of the examination set by the RCGP is your ability to apply your knowledge.

After working with 1,000s of GP trainees i know that the usual approach to the AKT is to focus on the AKT question banks during your revision. Trust me when i say this… using AKT question banks alone will not prepare you for the AKT!

In my free guide i cover how you can boost your AKT score, as well as some solid revision advice on how you can maximise your exam performance by using our tried and tested strategy!

If you have any personal questions about the AKT – get in touch at sham@wellmedic.co.uk

Some of our recent feedback

“I have been looking for a way to do my revision, you’ve just clinched it. This was an answer to my prayers. Thanks for this Sham.”

“I found this AKT course so useful and helpful. Thanks for the resource links which showed me where to go to find the knowledge I needed. As an IMG I had developed country- knowledge gaps which needed filling. This course did so much to fill those gaps for me. Thank you Sham!”

“It was great to have good practical useful advice without being overloaded with information esp before the AKT exam. Some of the crib sheets were really useful.”

“This is exactly the kind of insight people need into the AKT. I failed the AKT on my first sitting and I’d say eight of the issues I personally identified had been covered by your content and course! Thank you Sham.”

“I spent around £1,500 on other AKT courses and AKT webinars, none of them helped me as much as the £30 that I spent on the WellMedic course!”

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