The complete MRCGP AKT evidence-based medicine course! (statistics)

Curriculum coverage for the statistics section

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Statistics for the AKT is much more than calculations. Our course summarises the RCGP curriculum into six modules with example AKT questions for each section!

Join us in this course as we guide you through the essential topics. Our summary lectures and resource lists will save you days, if not weeks, of revision time!

This course is flexible; there is no set date, and all lessons are pre-recorded, so you can access them
whenever you like!

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What is covered in our MRCGP AKT statistics course?

Module One

Methodology and study design – quantitative research

Module Two

Methodology and study design – qualitative research

Module Three

Definitions and Statistical concepts

Module Four


Module Five

Graphical representation of data

Module Six

Population screening

What have our previous trainees thought?

What do our GP trainees think of our MRCGP AKT statistics course?

100% in statistics!

“The WellMedic statistics course content is very different from the AKT question banks. He goes above and beyond to cover as much of the curriculum as possible. This helped me gain a sound understanding of statistics and helped me secure 100% in my first attempt!”

ST2 Greater London

Excellent information on graphs.

“A few of my friends told me they couldn’t recognise the graphs from their attempt at the AKT exam. Module five from this course is dedicated to graphs, which really helped me during the exam!”

ST3 West Midlands

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Get your hands on our exclusive statistics content!

The RCGP curriculum is summarised in this course!

Difficult statistical questions.

Over four hours of evidence-based medicine teaching.

Lecture notes to accompany each module.


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