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Super-charge your
MRCGP AKT revision

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This course has replaced our flagship course, previously known as “15 ways to BOOST your MRCGP AKT.”

From our experience of working with thousands of GP trainees, we have updated our course content to
match the unmet needs of GP trainees across the UK.

This course is flexible; there is no set date, and all lessons are
pre-recorded, so you can access them whenever you like!


What is covered in our MRCGP AKT preparation course?

Step One

Preparing for the MRCGP AKT.

Learn how to build a solid foundation to your AKT preparation.

Step Two

The traditional approach to the MRCGP AKT.

How do trainees currently revise for the AKT, and what are the common mistakes?

Step Three

New approaches for your revision.

We share the best free resources to help super-charge your AKT pass!

Step Four

Pharmacology revision and our BNF summary.

Should you summarise the BNF? Check out our updated BNF summary!

Step Five

Revision and GP training.

How should you maximise your revision during a placement?

Step Six

Administration and Statistics.

Master Administrations and Statistics with WellMedic.

Step Seven

Exam technique.

Based on the feedback from GP trainees that have failed the MRCGP AKT.

Step Eight

Self care for GP trainees.

We cover specific challenges encountered by GP trainees.


Our updated BNF summary is now available!

Our summary contains 225 pharmacology themes spread across various systems!

Over one thousand learning points are available!

Exclusive access to users of the MRCGP AKT preparation course.

Should you trust the WellMedic approach for your MRCGP AKT revision?

Feedback from Dr Hashim (GP in Manchester)

Feedback from Dr Ore (GP in Milton Keynes)

What have our previous trainees thought?

Watch our course demo here!


Get your hands on our exclusive resources!

Our new and improved eight-point strategy!

AKT templates to self-assess your knowledge.

How to create your personalised revision plan?

Unique insights from GP trainees who have failed.

The best FREE resources for the MRGP AKT.

Our new BNF summary.

Pharmacology cheat sheet.

Stats cheat sheet.

100 AKT application questions with explanations.


How to enter?

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Welcome to the WellMedic. Where we talk you through a more-complex scenario where you will have to look at the application of your knowledge, but also some of the finer details covered within the guidelines.


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