Our GP trainee portfolio support package is coming soon! Everything you need to know about the GP trainee fourteen fish portfolio.

We’ve been working hard at bringing you the best GP trainee portfolio support course, and we are almost ready to launch this! Pre-register today.

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Having qualified as GPs in August 2021 and February 2022, our team has had the unique insight into passing one-third of the MRCGP using the fourteen fish GP trainee portfolio.


We’ve known for some time that there is a demand for portfolio support, as our “Example clinical case reviews for the Fourteen Fish GP trainee portfolio!” blog has reached over 11,000 trainees!


We’ve been working hard at bringing you the best GP trainee portfolio support course, and we are almost ready to launch this! All the content has been written, and we are now waiting for our designers to publish the course in an easy-to-use PDF and video format.


We anticipate our GP trainee portfolio support package being ready in June 2023. Exactly three years from our launch of WellMedic!


In this summary blog, we will cover the course in more detail, the pricing and how to pre-register!


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What does the support package cover?


The GP trainee portfolio support package will aim to support GP trainees with the more challenging aspects of the fourteen fish portfolio.


Having used the older GP trainee portfolio, we appreciate that fourteen fish is a user-friendly system, the aim is not to guide you through the mechanics of the portfolio, but we will ensure that you can reflect and meet capabilities easily.


GP trainees can spend hours producing below-par entries, and our techniques are proven to help improve the quality of your reflections in a time-efficient manner.


We will cover the following;


How to best utilise each learning log.

Curriculum capability linking with a focus on preparing in advance for your ESR.

How to reflect as a GP trainee with worked examples.

Seventy-eight example clinical case reviews.

Seventy-eight examples of capability justifications across the thirteen curriculum capabilities.

Paediatric placement examples.

Obstetric and Gynaecology examples.

A&E and Medicine examples.

Psychiatry examples.

General Practice examples.

PDP (Personal Development Plans) examples.

How self-rate for your education supervisor review.


How do I utilise the support package?


The GP trainee portfolio support package is built to support trainees from ST1 to ST3.


We appreciate that your portfolio needs will change as your progress through training. Our primary and secondary care examples are always relevant, as each example focuses on the key RCGP capability descriptors.


For example, this community orientation example for obstetric and gynaecology could be adapted into a primary care placement;


Obstetric and Gynaecology example


Brief Description


During my rotation, I received a phone call from an advanced nurse practitioner asking me to review a patient and arrange an early pregnancy scan due to repeated miscarriages. The scan was for patient reassurance.


I appropriately and sensitively signposted my colleague to the early pregnancy unit direct patient referral form.


The patient did not require an on-call review, and there was a local service which could support this patient.


Capability Demonstrated


Shows how this understanding has informed referral practices they have utilised for their patients. This could include formal referral to a service or directing patients to other local resources.




I have demonstrated this capability by utilising referral practices for this patient. 


I achieved this by signposting the patient to the early-pregnancy unit, a department set up to reduce acute admissions to gynaecology for reassurance purposes. The service allows GP and ED colleagues to book patients for a direct nurse-led review which is triaged within 24 hours of the referral.


How much will it cost?


We have an ongoing commitment to ensure that all products are cost-efficient.


This GP trainee support package will be priced at £2.99 per month.


Given how much is covered already, it’s massive value for less than a chai latte!


If you’re interested in the support package, please register your interest using the form below.



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