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General Practice in the media.

A career in General Practice can be enriching. However, we can all accept that training to be a doctor is complex, and I would argue that GP training is among the most challenging.

Yet, we find ourselves in a situation where the importance of a GP is often undervalued.

“Fail your exams five times… and still become a GP: Fears for patient safety after trainees are given even more chances to qualify because of desperate need for more doctors.”
“Practice attacked with anti-GP graffiti.”
“The doctor WON’T see you now: Yes, they played a vital role in the pandemic. But with Covid in retreat, many GPs are STILL not opening their doors — and patients are in despair.”
“She revealed menopause is not even part of a GP’s essential training, and that two-thirds of women are offered antidepressants instead of HRT.”
“Doctors are told to see patients in person from MONDAY in a victory for the Mail on Sunday’s urgent campaign – but will GPs comply?”
“One in three doctors suffer abuse from patients during pandemic.”

Our support will be your safety net before,
during and after GP training.


The WellMedic safety net will provide you with the tools to combat common challenges during your GP training and beyond!

Daily dilemmas
  • Less than full-time training
  • Childcare
  • Study and Annual leave
  • Rotas
  • Travel expenses
  • Self-care
The riches
  • Salary
  • Exam costs
  • Buying your first home
  • Pension or not?
  • Maternity leave
  • College fees
Annoying assessments
  • Failing your exams
  • GP trainee portfolio
  • Assessments at work
  • ARCP
  • Reflecting
  • QIP and QIA
Freedom… finally!
  • Choosing the right role?
  • Contract negotiations
  • Pension
  • Investments
  • Stress
  • Complaints

Dr Sham Mahmood (Founder of WellMedic)

“Hello, I’m Dr Sham Mahmood, a newly qualified GP and I want to improve GP education.”


I spent a good four months or so revising for my MRCGP AKT, only to come across the really good resources at the end of my revision. Thankfully I passed, and like many other trainees that pass I forgot about my struggles and moved on with my life. Directly after passing the MRCGP AKT, I started to work on WellMedic looking at the general wellbeing of doctors across the UK.

Shortly after starting on this journey, I realised that the MRCGP AKT contributes to a significant amount of stress for GP trainees and I started to help my peers locally. After developing a 15 point plan with our local trainees, I’ve started to share this with trainees all across the UK. Since June 2020 I’ve personally helped 1,000s of GP trainees.

Since qualifying as a GP and starting WellMedic, I have developed a unique insight into the life and challenges of GP trainees. I am using this unique insight to create actionable support for trainees across the UK.

I have a personal mission to support you in all aspects of GP training and beyond!

About me

Medical background

Graduated from the University of Aberdeen in 2013.
Emergency Medicine registrar.
Qualified as a GP in 2021.

Technology experience

Founded a wedding startup in 2015.
Founded WellMedic in 2020.
Digital marketing expert.


  • Football
  • Boxing
  • New technology
  • Startup landscape

Welcome to the WellMedic. Where we talk you through a more-complex scenario where you will have to look at the application of your knowledge, but also some of the finer details covered within the guidelines.


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