Overcoming obstacles to pass the AKT and the importance of self-care. #AKTReflections

Ore shares her journey on back-to-back AKT sittings, which is quite different to our first episode. She also talks about the importance of having a supportive relationship with your educational supervisor.

To bring you the most genuine advice on the MRCGP AKT, we have worked closely with our existing WellMedic GP trainees to improve our course content. As a new feature on our existing “Your AKT Podcast – Pass the AKT” we have started our #AKTReflection series, which shall focus on conversations with trainees that have passed the MRCGP AKT in the last twelve months.

In this episode, we’re back with Ore, a GPST3 living in Milton Keynes! She’s recently completed her RCA shortly after passing her AKT and is now within touching distance of her CCT.

Ore shares her journey on back-to-back AKT sittings, which is quite different to our first episode with Dr Hashim.

Here’s what we cover in this episode;

The importance of planning your revision using the WellMedic revision planning tool.

Supportive educational supervisors can guide you through the most challenging times as a GP trainee.

The challenge of balancing two exams in the final six months of GP training.

We discuss how, as medics are generally relatively high achievers and many of us do not encounter academic challenges or failures, dealing with the mental challenge of failing is quite tricky!

Most importantly, we discuss the importance of self-care. Even in the most challenging of circumstances, setting aside time for your wellbeing is essential.

Ore was in a position where she had to take her AKT at fairly short notice in January 2022; following on from this, she passed the following April diet and took her RCA simultaneously.

I really enjoyed recording this podcast and I’m sure you’ll take away several golden nuggets!

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